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Hi! I've committed to running a half marathon on June 14th to help raise money for the Citizen's Alliance for North Korean Rights (NKHR) Rescue Fund, which gathers money to help people in the process of escaping North Korea get out of 3rd countries, such as China. Refugees are in a vulnerable position in many of these countries, and face deportation if they are caught by authorities and possible subsequent execution in North Korea. Most are in a vulnerable position, and many are subjected to trafficking and sex crimes.

All of the money raised goes toward rescuing people from these situations. NKHR works to bring people to South Korea, where they will be safe and receive support from the South Korean government. It costs about $2500 dollars to rescue a single person, but since lots of people are raising money, every little bit can make a difference. If you contribute, you're helping (literally) save someone's life. Thanks!

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