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In short: I’m running a 5K to raise money for North Korean defectors to resettle in South Korea and I need your help.
As most of you know, I have been in Korea for the past year teaching English through a Fulbright* grant. While the majority of my time is spent teaching, being a Fulbright grantee encompasses many roles, one of which is helping and mentoring North Korean defectors. Every week, I have the privilege of planning practical, interesting, and engaging lessons for a group of the sweetest and kindest people I've ever met. These people fled North Korea and entered South Korea as refugees, looking to make a new life.
These people have inspired me to always appreciate life for the things we take for granted--family, security and shelter. My goal now is to contribute beyond the classroom, to help fleeing families resettle safely in South Korea. On Saturday, June 14th, I will be running a 5K for Running for Resettlement. R4R helps raise money for North Korean defectors to cross safely into South Korea. My goal is to raise $250—a small fraction of the total goal. The smallest amount can make the biggest difference so please donate any way you can. Your donation can help a refugee resettle in South Korea. For more information, read below.

“ R4R was founded in 2014 by a group of Fulbright* grantees who wanted to help North Korean refugees beyond volunteering as English tutors for them. Last year, R4R raised almost $10,000 for Liberation in North Korea (LiNK) and the Wooridul School.
This year, all funds raised will be donated to NKHR Rescue Fund. Founded in 1996, the Citizens' Alliance for North Korean Human Rights (NKHR) is one of the oldest organizations devoted to North Korean human rights, doing everything from rescue work to resettlement programs. The Rescue Fund is a volunteer group within NKHR that holds fundraisers TO RAISE MONEY to rescue North Korean refugees who are currently in third countries. (North Korean refugees typically go from North Korea to another country before trying to make it to South Korea.)
Most of NKHR's rescuees come from China, where they face the threat of repatriation to North Korea where they will be put into prisons, tortured, and even executed. Because they have to live in hiding, North Korean refugees, especially women, fall victim to labor and sex trafficking. It costs approximately $250 usd to rescue one person and bring him or her safely to South Korea.”
*R4R is not affiliated with the Fulbright Program or the U.S. State Department.

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