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I am running in the Kim Dae Jung Peace Marathon on June 14th to raise money to support the resettlement of North Korean refugees currently living in third countries.
The money I raise will go to the NKHR Rescue Fund, 100% of which is directed to assisting in the escape and resettlement of North Korean refugees.

NKHR not only offers relief for North Korean refugees on their journey to freedom, but also provides assistance for the North Koreans as they resettle in South Korea.

In China, North Korean escapees fall victim to egregious human rights violations, as the Chinese government considers them as illegal, economic migrants, not political refugees. Because of this, the Chinese police force actively searches for and repatriates North Koreans. Once repatriated, the refugees face long sentences in political prison, torture, and even execution.

Because they are in hiding, many North Korean refugees become vulnerable to human trafficking. Many North Korean girls and women are captured and sold like slaves into sex trafficking or as brides. Men and children are forced to do hard labor and defrauded of their wages as Chinese employers threaten to call the police and blow the whistle.

Please learn more about NKHR Rescue Fund, defector Yeon-Mi Park, and the current challenges facing North Korean refugees throughout the world.

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