Running a Half-Marathon for Defectors

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About This Fundraiser

I am running this race as a way to help raise some money for North Korean Refugees who are currently stuck in China, without the connections or the know-how to get out of China after they've already had to risk their lives to escape North Korea. Unfortunately, leaving North Korea is only the first step on a long journey to being able to make a new life for themselves, as their presence in China is illegal and, if caught, they are sent back to North Korea where they face even worse atrocities than the ones that initially forced them to defect. Organizations like the Citizens' Alliance for North Korean Human Rights raise money and help find these North Koreans who are struggling in China.

It costs about $2,000-2,500 to bring a single refugee out of China and into a country where they can live freely. If you can help, please consider donating some money to my fundraising page and let's help reach out to North Koreans, one refugee at a time.

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