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On June 14th I'll be running 10k in the Seoul marathon to raise money for the Citizens Alliance for North Korean Human Rights. A secular apolitical organization that runs an underground railroad for refugees fleeing the North Korean regime, the NKHR aims to raise thousands of dollars every year to rescue vulnerable people from China and South East Asia. Due to the controversial nature of the work the issue has been branded as political and is seen as an instigator of bad relations between the two countries. Therefor, funding for this kind of thing is scarce in Korea. However, because human rights abuses in North Korea have come under increased scrutiny by the west in recent years more and more westerners have begun to take interest in the promotion of human rights in this part of the world. Refugees fleeing North Korea are treated not as refugees but as defectors. If found they face being returned to North Korea for punishment. Even worse, many face blackmail, abuse and slavery under the threat of exposure. This organization helps aid these people in escaping this frightening situation to resettle in South Korea. There are currently people in China awaiting escape right now and you can help! Please sponsor my run to raise funds for these refugees.

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